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Harmony Palliative Arts Collective

Harmony is a subsidiary of Harmony Church, an interfaith and inclusive 501 non-profit organization, and is sustained only through donations and grants. 


Harmony is honored to serve persons of any age, race, gender, class, sexual orientation, and religious or spiritual persuasion, without cost to the patient or family.


Harmony Palliative Arts Collective is a group of musicians, artists, alternative/holistic practitioners, medical professionals, and hospice workers united with the growing End of Life Doula Movement.  A non-medical initiative that utilizes palliative music and other therapeutic arts to facilitate connection, provide compassionate care, and maintain dignity and personal freedom for those at the end of life.

Palliative music - Therapeutic touch - Hospice Providers



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Caregiver with Patient

End of life doula movement

Compassionate Care and Comfort

Rick Clayton has been the root of the Harmony Palliative Arts Collective foundation since 2022. After years of serving those in need in hospice settings, Rick recognized that he had a calling for the End of Life Doula movement. Our mission seeks to restore an ancient practice of coming alongside a terminally ill patient and their family, surrounding them with empathy and compassion to help the dying process occur with dignity, freedom, and peace.  Harmony Palliative Arts Collective is dedicated to providing a safe, family friendly and peaceful setting at no cast, with a varied assistance from trained volunteers.  The hospice provider is responsible for all pain medications, DME equipment, and regular medical visits.  Harmony provides palliative music, therapeutic touch, aromatherapy, and other practices that assist the patient in their end of life transition.

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Palliative Care

The natural and drug free reduction or alleviation of pain caused by stress and anxiety.

The affirmation of life and the regarding of death as a natural process.

The integration of psychosocial, psychological, cultural and spiritual aspects of patient care.

The offering of a support system to help patients live as actively and die as peacefully as possible.

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